Julie contacted me in the hope that I would accept this extremely detailed dot work project: a reproduction of a FORNASETTI. She didn’t know if this type of tattoo would interest me. I obviously accepted!

Julie wanted her tattoo to be done in dot work. We discussed the spot she had chosen for her tattoo, and, in particular, the size; small but not too small so that the dots would age well. There are many parameters I take into consideration when designing a tattoo: the skin texture, the type of needle, the work that must be done and how the tattoo ages over time.

We ended up finding the ideal size for her tattoo, which I needed to be able to place dots where the design requested it.

Dot work is made up of a multitude of points which I add one by one. This allows more precision on the final rendering and a better evolution over time.

This technique sometimes gives the tattoo the look of old engraved drawings. It also heals faster than other tattoo styles, as long as the healing steps are followed.

Tatouage Close up

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