Frequently asked questions

Marlène Le Cidre ® has no studio reception and receives only by appointment. She meets each person individually, in order to better meet ax requests for projects with private interviews which allow to have a personal and adapted exchange, for a custom tattoo.

His Instagram?
Marlène Le Cidre discusses many subjects, running, motorcycling, her cats, tattooing more generally … Her Instagram is really linked to the passions shared with all of you.
You will never have answers if you ask a question about a tattoo price, or to find out if the project interests you, because you can only do it when opening calendars. The rest of the time, she does not scatter, she focuses on current projects, her organization, in order to ensure that each person meeting with her can give them time, attention, reflection and a quality result.

How to make an appointment?
Requests for tattoo projects are only made on the website during the calendar opening dates, by filling out the form that only appears on this occasion. Marlène Le Cidre does not do walk-in tattoos.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
The minimum age to get a tattoo by Marlène Le Cidre is 21 years old.

How much does a tattoo cost?
The basic rate is 200 euros. Then it depends on the size, the details of the design, its creation, the location on the body, the estimated time.

What Marlène Le Cidre ® does not do?
She does not tattoo:
Fingers – Hands – Face – Buttocks / Pubis – Side of the foot – Breasts. She does not make a Cover (Coverage of another tattoo) nor does she take over the tattoo of another tattoo artist. She doesn’t do big projects anymore like Full arm – Back – Leg, cuff … She doesn’t do joint tattooing. Maximum size accepted 20cm.

How to apply for a tattoo project?
Please fill out the form above on this page (it only appears when the calendar opens), all fields are important (Sizes / Places … etc) so that Marlène Le Cidre can plan and do the best response / quote possible. You cannot make multiple tattoo requests at the same time. The form concerns a request for a single tattoo.

Do I have to leave a deposit if I want to make an appointment?
Yes, a minimum of 30% will be required to reserve a slot. The deposit deposit is non-refundable, and non-transferable, and will be applied to the final price of your tattoo.

Does a tattoo hurt?
No and Yes! the idea is that gradually you accept the feeling of the needle. Your brain releases endorphins when you feel pain. We will talk more about unpleasant sensations, because Marlène Le Cidre’s work is rather delicate in its approach to the skin.

Recommendations before your tattoo session:

Eat a good meal at least 3 hours before the tattoo session.

Get a good night’s sleep the day before tattooing.

Not having sunbathed 2 weeks before the tattoo is done.

Hydrate your skin.

Do not consume alcohol or drugs.

Don’t consume too much caffeine.

You cannot be tattooed if:

You are on cortisone or antibiotics.

You are pregnant or have just given birth.

You have received a vaccine within the past 48 hours.

You went on vacation before getting a tattoo, or plan to go for the 2 weeks following the tattoo session.

Healthy skin: Marlène Le cidre tattoos on healthy skin during the tattoo session. That is to say that the place where your tattoo will be done must not have lesions of the types: scratches, scratches, bruises, nor symptoms such as eczema, or other skin textures that could alter the tattoo, and its healing. .

Your state of health: Marlène Le cidre does not tattoo if: you are ill (cold, or other infections …) If you have a broken limb (arm, leg …).

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