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About me

For me, a tattoo is more than just ink on the skin. What we create together showcases who you are, so we need to speak eloquently, because the ink is indelible.

Marlène Le Cidre


Since 2014, she has been tattooing seven days a week. The accumulated experience took her one step further towards developing a style of her own. In January 2017, she opened her private tattoo studio in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

Her universe is graphic. Specializing in “Blockwork” and microneedles, she is known for the finesse of her strokes. By combining contrasting and detailed geometric patterns, solid black and dot work, she revisits classic styles such as “old-school” and “Japanese”. Recently, she has turned to more realistic tattoos and detailed micro tattoos.

Mlc Tattoo Paris has been a member of the Syndicat National des Artistes Tatoueurs (SNAT) since 2015.

« Words fly away but ink remains. »

Marlène le cidre


Give those who have something to say a means of expressing themselves. Build relationships with people who share common ideas and help them to realize them.

She spent her childhood on the family farm where from an early age; both her parents taught her the value of work and independence. Her mother, in particular, encouraged her to express herself freely.

She designs complex universes and shapes that she reproduces in the smallest detail on the skin. She has mastered four tattoo styles and she knows how to say “no” when she deems it necessary.

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« I see art as a way of timelessly illustrating an emotion or a story. It is in that spirit that I design my tattoos. »


« Because art is timeless, each of the pieces I tattoo is created with rigour, precision and lucidity. »

Tatouage noir et blanc
Tatouage Mains Multi


« People come to Marlène Le Cidre because they have something to say. Although, ultimately, expressing who you are takes courage. »


« I design in collaboration with the people I tattoo, a process in which they are both the creators and the work. This approach makes the experience memorable for them.  »

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Essuyer Tatouage


« Connect with people who share common ideas. Design and give life to those ideas and make people eager and proud to wear them. »

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