Micro Tattoo

Micro Tattoo

Reproduction of the logo of the Nicaraguan coin

Olivier came to see me for his first tattoo. He wanted a reproduction of the Nicaraguan coin he had brought back from a trip.

After a long search on the internet, he came across my website. He quickly noticed that I pay great attention to detail and I am quite precise. This caught his eye and made him reach out.

We met for the first time, exchanged ideas, then, after a good thirty-minute talk, we decided to use the visual just as it was on the coin. That is because the visual on the coin was already graphically interesting. Since Olivier’s wish was to get a small and discreet tattoo that would mark this trip, I suggested making a very detailed micro tattoo (about 3.5cm/3.5cm).

He knew nothing about tattoos but trusted me completely for his very first one. He was pleased by the result and the depth of detail displayed in the design. 

The micro tattoo is a technique performed with extremely fine microneedles, which requires dexterity and certain mastery. That is because they are more complex to handle than any other types of needles.

Just because the tattoo is small does not mean that it will take less time than a slightly larger tattoo, due to the fact that it takes time to handle the microneedle properly, and to make sure that all the details are put down correctly. You can’t get away with mistakes when using this needle.

Tatouage Close up

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