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Marlène le Cidre ® has graphic style preferences, see her Instagram: @marlenelecidre

In order to familiarize you with his tattoos. She specializes in tattoos: Black and Gray, Fine lines, she handles geometry that she mixes with tattoos in Illustrations or Detailed Micro Tattoos, she will also appreciate revisiting more Traditional tattoos.

You will understand, even if she adapts to many projects, it is important that she enjoys working on your pattern when it comes to a creation.

Some speak to her more than others, that’s why she selects those, for whom she will invest and give a lot of her time.

“Because the ink stays. “

Marlène Le Cidre ®


Agenda Info: CLOSED

Next opening August 15, 2021 (The form is displayed here on D-day).

Following the new announcements, on a stoppage of so-called “non-essential” activities on March 31, 2021 for 4 weeks, Marlène Le Cidre does not tattoo until May 3, 2021.

(Please read the FAQ page before any request)

Marlène Le Cidre posant devant un graffiti

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