How To Not Regret Your Tattoo And Other Things To Know Before Getting Inked

You might be surprised to learn that when meeting Marlène Le Cidre for the first time, you aren’t drawn to her body art so much as to her overall presence: her piercing blue eyes, steady gaze, the assurance and intensity with which she engages in conversation. Unlike many French professionals, she immediately insists that we use the informal address (tu instead of vous), explaining to me that when she’s working with her clients, “we establish a connection that is very personal and intimate. »

Marlène is a prominent tattoo artist of both local and internet fame. We met up in the vibrant (in more ways than one – the graffiti-emblazoned bridges and colorful boutiques have earned this neighborhood some serious Insta cred) area surrounding the Canal Saint Martin to discuss all things ink and, in particular, how to avoid regretting getting it. 

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